Britax KIDFIX i-SIZE Group 2/3 Car Seat-Cosmos Black (NEW 2021)

Brand: Britax


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Product Type: Car Seats

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The new generation KIDFIX i-SIZE has been developed in partnership with leading car manufacturers, to give the ultimate car travel safety to your child. It's equipped with the proven technologies of XP-PAD and Secure Guard for frontal impact protection, whilst the new design SICT protects your child from side collisions. Carefully placed air ventilation holes aid air circulation to keep your child comfortable for longer. Features: Redesigned seating area for optimum crash performance - Working in close partnership with leading car manufacturers, the seating area has been redesigned to help reduce the neck loads by up to 50kg Unique protection for the neck and chest - Despite good planning and careful driving, you can never prepare for a collision. To protect your child's sensitive neck area in case of a frontal impact, Britax R├Âmer has developed a shock-absorbing foam pad. It prevents the impact of your child's chin on their chest, absorbing up to 30% of the energy. A jerky forward head movement is reduced and the neck is protected. At the same time it provides additional padding around the edges of the seat belt. Advanced Side Impact Protection ? SICT - Our SICT offers superior protection to your child in the event of a side collision. It reduces impact forces by minimising the distance between the car and the car seat and deforms to absorb the energy before it reaches your little one. Secure Guard - The Secure Guard helps to protect your child?s delicate abdominal area by adding an extra ? a 4th ? contact point to the 3-point seat belt. By keeping the lap belt in an optimal position over your child?s pelvic bones Secure Guard helps reduce abdominal forces in the event of a frontal collision by up to 35 %, and at the same time allows your child freedom of movement during the journey. Easy adjustable, ergonomic headrest - Our headrest is designed specifically for the comfort of older children and can easily be adjusted to the correct position. Helpful markings at the ba

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