Highchairs & Booster Seats

At Toddlepogs, we understand how tricky feeding time can be for your baby or toddler, especially in the absence of other family members to keep your little one distracted.

Why not make mealtime easier and fun by letting them join the family table during supper?

All our ranges and brands of highchairs and booster seats ensure that your child can enjoy their meals with the rest of the family, while also learning how to self-feed.

With our collection of baby highchairs and booster seats, feeding time is ten times more fun and easy for you and your little one.

Browse our bespoke collection of baby highchairs and booster seats and order one for your little one today!

Baby Highchairs

Watching your little one enjoy mealtime is simply priceless, thanks to the adorable faces they make. From trying to successfully get the food in their mouth to the mess they create, mealtime with your baby is no less than an adventure!

Why not make it more adventurous by letting your child join the dinner table seated upon a stunning high chair from Toddlepogs? Explore our collection of baby highchairs to find the most comfortable one for your little one’s feeding time.

From manoeuvrable highchairs to compact, elegant designs - we’ve got a variety of options for you!

Booster Seats For Babies

A great alternative to highchairs, booster seats keep your babies secure and safe during meals, whilst allowing them to join the table on the same chair as everyone else. Suitable for 6 months and above, our range of booster seats are compact, easy to clean, and can be taken wherever you and your little one go.

Many of our suppliers’ booster seats can be transformed into toddler chairs as your child grows, making it a great feature down the years as well!

Baby Rockers For Your Precious One

Ensure your baby rests comfortably on a soothing baby rocker as they nod off to dreamland. Mimicking the peace and warmth of being carried, these rockers for babies let your little one slowly fall asleep in a natural and peaceful manner.

Equipped with safety features and soft padding, our rockers are sure to help your baby nap peacefully.

At Toddlepogs, we also offer a range of highchairs that can be turned into rockers to help your baby eat and rest well, without you having to make multiple purchases, whilst also saving on space!

Baby Bouncer Seats

From napping to enjoying playtime, baby bouncer seats are a comfortable yet soothing furniture piece. Offering your little one a relaxing and warm environment to do as they please, these seats keep your baby safe and secure.

With soft removable and washable liners, you need not worry about the mess your baby makes.

Explore our range of comfortable and stylish baby bouncer seats to find the perfect one for your child.

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