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At Toddlepogs, we understand how crucial playtime is for your child’s happiness, not to mention their development.

Keeping this in mind, we ensure that all our toddlers’ and kids’ bikes and scooters are designed to be engaging, fun and safe - after all, there’s no better feeling than seeing your kids smile and laugh while also being assured that they’re safe!

From an array of child bike trailers and balance bikes to electric scooters, we’ve got an extensive outdoor play collection that’s sure to keep both you and your kids entertained and happy.

Browse through our selection of bikes and scooters for kids and order one for your little one today!

Kids’ Bikes and Scooters

Getting out and about on a bike or electric scooter is always an excellent way for your children to be active and have fun outdoors - so why not get them a bike they can ride around on with you?

Explore our bikes and scooters collection to find something that your kids will love.

Whether you’re looking for tricycles for your little one who’s just started learning or want to upgrade from a balance bike to children’s bike - we’ve got options for all age groups.

Baby Trikes for Your Little Ones

Suitable for toddlers from 15 months to 3 years old, our collection of baby trikes are a great way to get your toddler learning to ride on their own.

When it comes to baby trikes, its parent-push handle allows you to help your toddler with steering and turning whenever required. Many of our suppliers’ trikes come with the ability to transform it into a tricycle for when your little one becomes more independent, saving you from a costly upgrade!

Toddler Balance Bikes

If you want your child to learn how to balance and gain more control on their bike, then our range of toddler balance bikes are the perfect option.

Equipped with thicker wheels and specialist handles, it not only helps with grounding but also allows them to get a better grip and steering.

Kids’ Electric Scooters

Fun, speedy and an amazing way to zoom around, electric scooters are becoming a familiar sight around the UK.
At Toddlepogs, our suppliers offer an incredible collection of options and a variety of scooters, perfect for both tots and teens, meaning you can find the right option for your family.

Discover our exceptional collections of bikes and scooters to find the perfect option, whether you’re looking for your toddler, child or teenager!

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